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Scorpio Rising Media emerged from a response to the evolving landscape of social media, where traditional marketing strategies fell short. Today's audiences have refined their taste, craving community and genuine connection over impersonal ads. Having spent some time in the commercial filmmaking industry, there was an obvious disconnect between high quality production and authentically showcasing a brand's voice. As social media and user-friendly website platforms opened new avenues for lifestyle brands, artisanal businesses, and creative entrepreneurs, the need for accessible media solutions anchored in authenticity and creative expression became undeniable. In 2021, Lindsay established Scorpio Rising Media to meet this demand and empower brands with compelling visual narratives.

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Our philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that every brand, regardless of its size, has a unique and compelling story waiting to be told. We embrace the authenticity of personal connection over traditional marketing, making the process feel less like a chore and more like an outlet for creative expression. Our commitment is to deliver media solutions that blend high-quality production with vibrant representations that capture the heart and soul of each brand.

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inspired by the intensity and transformational power of the scorpio archetype

Lindsay Vitale, a bi-coastal filmmaker and photographer, is originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania. With a background in theater and ballet training, she pursued a BA in Theater Arts with a concentration in Commercial Dance at Pace University in NYC. While there, Lindsay delved into filmmaking in the dance studio, prompting her to embark on a second degree in film studies. Inspired by this exploration, she continued her studies in film/TV directing and writing at Temple University, earning an MFA in Film and Media Arts under the mentorship of filmmakers Lauren Wolkstein, Moon Molson, and Elisabeth Subrin.

While studying at Temple University, Lindsay became the recipient of the Benjamin Lazaroff Memorial Scholarship for Screenwriting and won "Best Short Form Screenplay" at the Diamond Film Festival for her pilot episode, "The Shack." Her graduate thesis film, "High Tide," went on to premiere at the Coney Island Film Festival and received the Juried Award at Temple University's Women's Film Festival. Following her graduation, Lindsay entered the freelance world of commercial filmmaking, where she recognized a need to blend creative storytelling techniques with social media marketing. This realization led to the official launch of Scorpio Rising Media in 2021.

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Sagittarius sun. Scorpio rising. Virgo moon. 

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

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Even though we're based in Philadelphia, Scorpio Rising Media doesn't limit its creative endeavors to a single location. Check out our upcoming travel schedule to see if we can align a session with your timeline. Alternatively, we can add your city to our list of destinations (travel fees may apply).

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