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Scorpio Rising Media is a small scale production company that offers a big impact to entrepreneurs' and businesses' creative marketing content in a world saturated by digital noise. With an emphasis on traditional storytelling techniques, we believe in a bespoke approach that favors creative expression over commercial sterilization and overt sales tactics. We aim to provide our clients with an intimate and comprehensive production process to produce content rooted in effortless authenticity and result-oriented strategy.




Scorpio Rising Media was born out of social media's resistance to old-school marketing tactics and techniques. Today's audiences have refined their taste, craving community and personal connection over faceless brands and businesses. Having spent some time in the commercial filmmaking industry, there was an obvious disconnect between high quality production and authentically showcasing a brand's voice. Additionally, social media and easy-to-use website builders, created new opportunities for small businesses and entrepreneurs to directly connect with and reach a wider audience. This demand for accessible media solutions rooted in authenticity and creative expression became too great to ignore, and in 2021, Lindsay founded Scorpio Rising Media. 




In a world filled with meticulously color-coordinated grids, we favor an individualized approach catered to our clients rather than imposing our style on to them. Though advice says to "niche down," we welcome variety in our client roster because it affords the chance to flex those creative muscles.  

Whether your business leans minimalist, light, and airy, or more dramatic, dark, and moody, each one of our packages puts emphasis on pre-production and strategy to define your identity and align your goals.

Though our clients differ in brand style and offerings, they all walk away with content that is a genuine representation of their voice – a voice that can finally be heard and seen by their intended audience. 

kelly hamilton
Bake & Bacon Blog

"As someone who prefers to be behind the camera than be in front, Lindsay made my branded headshots feel like a breeze. She was prepared for the shoot with a mood board and shot ideas, and made me feel comfortable in front of the camera. I’m looking forward to scheduling more headshots with her in the future!"

meet the creative director

Lindsay Vitale is a bi-coastal filmmaker and photographer, originally from Doylestown, Pennsylvania.

She spent her childhood and adolescence training in theater and ballet, and went on to attend Pace University in NYC where she graduated with a BA in Theater Arts with a concentration in Commercial Dance. While pursuing her performance education, Lindsay began experimenting with filmmaking in the dance studio and took on a second degree in film studies. As a result of this exploration, she decided to further pursue her studies in film/TV directing and writing with Temple University's MFA in Film and Media Arts program, working under the guidance of filmmakers Lauren Wolkstein, Moon Molson, and Elisabeth Subrin.

At Temple University, she received the Benjamin Lazaroff Memorial Scholarship for Screenwriting. For her graduate thesis film, Lindsay wrote, directed, and starred in the short comedic film High Tide, which premiered at the Coney Island Film Festival and won the Juried Award at Temple University's Women's Film Festival.

After graduation, Lindsay began working freelance in the commercial side of filmmaking where she discovered a real need for bridging creative storytelling techniques with social media marketing. In 2021, she officially launched Scorpio Rising Media. 



Sagittarius sun. Scorpio rising. Virgo moon. 

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