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Scorpio Rising Media is a full service creative studio that offers personalized solutions to individuals and businesses. We specialize in delivering unique and authentic creative marketing content, ensuring your visuals stand out amidst the digital noise.


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How do you connect authentically in a digital age? 

with a tailored approach that reveals your brand's heart and soul.

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Website Assets-Arch Outline
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Lindsay swooped in and flawlessly helped me turn my ideas into a representation of my business that is more beautiful and on point than I ever imagined! Her incredible organization and impeccable attention to detail made working with her easeful and fun. Lindsay is the real deal! Not only is she incredibly talented, her heart is in it! I cannot say enough glowing things about Lindsay, and I fully recommend Scorpio Rising Media for your photography and videography needs! 

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I'm a storyteller at heart, shaped by my early experiences as a stage performer, where I discovered the power of connecting with others through narrative. Thanks to this background in theater and an MFA in filmmaking, I’m bridging the gap between the art of storytelling and digital marketing to deliver imagery that not only captivates, but translates into measurable outcomes for your personal brand or business. I can’t wait to hear more about your vision! 

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I’m a multi-passionate creative and entrepreneur, who believes mixing self expression and business is always a good idea.

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