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Whether you've hired a wedding planner to assist with the big day, or you're DIY-ing all the details, there's A LOT of information and ideas to keep organized. Enter the Wedding Planner Notion template, perfect for any couple looking to stay on top of the planning process with pages and databases dedicated towards budgeting, tracking your guest list, refining your schedule of events, keep up with your vendors, and so much more. The template includes 9 pages within the planner, and two Canva graphics you can customize.

Available in 3 distinct styles. All sales are final.

what's included

• access to the Wedding Planner template for Notion
• access to the Canva design templates for the planner's custom headers and graphics
• other resources for customization

Upon successful payment you’ll receive access to a download link on the same checkout page, in addition to an email with your download link. The download link will provide you with a PDF where you’ll find further instructions on accessing your template and its resources. This template and access to its resources are yours to keep and reuse as many times as you’d like. 

how it works

• These are digital products which means no physical materials will be shipped to you. 
• These templates are for personal use only. Please do not share, sell, or redistribute these files.
•All sales are final, which means I don’t accept returns, exchanges or cancellations, and do not offer refunds. If you are not already familiar with Notion, then I encourage you to familiarize yourself with Notion before purchasing this template so you can be sure you understand how the system works. Of course, if there seems to be any issues with the delivery or product functionality, please contact me so that we may assist you.

terms of use & shop policies

more details

The following breakdown is meant to give an insight and overview of the functionality of the template. Features such as images and graphics are not included in this breakdown, but you can get an understanding of how the template utilizes these elements in its design through the product photos above. 


Organize and track your prospective and purchased details like stationary, decor, and gifts. 

decor & other details

Organize and track your prospective and purchased attire and accessories for wedding day and activities


Create your wedding mood board and put together a style guide for the big day.

theme & style

Organize your prospective and hired vendors.

vendors list

Plan the entire wedding weekend and all the festivities that go along with the big day.

events & schedule

Create a guest list and organize by status and role they play in your wedding. You can also do your seating plan in this database.

guest list

Plan and stay on budget with your wedding expenses. 


Keep track of the status of different tasks that need to be completed before your wedding date.

timeline checklist database

An at-a-glance overview of your wedding plans at large with linked database views of your timeline checklist so you can stay on top of planning tasks.

dashboard page


Do I need to pay for notion to use your templates?

This template is compatible with Notion's free plan. If you anticipate uploading files larger than 5 mb or if you plan on collaborating with more than 5 users, then I would recommend looking into Notion's premium plans.


If your template includes Canva templates, you do not need a Canva Pro account to access the templates, but some graphics do include stock photos that are only available with a Canva Pro account. If this is the case with a template you are customizing, you can easily swap out the photo for a free alternative or upload your own. 


All templates can be viewed and accessed in Notion's mobile app, but since most templates were designed on Notion's desktop app, I recommend setting up your template on a desktop. Due to Notion's automatic mobile integration, you will find the mobile view different from the desktop view of the template.


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